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Hall Plan MES Expo

Where can I find specific exhibitors at the MES Expo? The interactive hall plan of Messe Berlin has all the answers: Use it to find exhibitors, products & contacts. A quick glance at the exhibition grounds isn’t enough to do it justice – take a closer look and you’ll find the exhibition halls and exhibitors you are seeking.

Finding Exhibitors of Interest with the Interactive Hall Plan

You can find competent mobility contacts throughout the entire MES Expo exhibition grounds. The exhibitors in the exhibition halls are from the various mobility sectors: rail, commercial vehicles and automobiles. For detailed information on specific exhibitors and their products, click on their stand in the hall plan.

Map of the Exhibition Grounds, Hall Overview & Trade Show Planner All-in-One: The Interactive Hall Plan

The interactive hall plan provides a detailed overview of Messe Berlin's exhibition grounds and is continuously updated right up to the start of the MES Expo. It can also be used offline and is therefore your ideal companion to the event. Simply click on the "Offline" icon.