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13158 Berlin

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Phone: +49 30 9160760
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MES Expo 2019
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Exhibitor profile

INTERAUTOMATION develops solutions for data acquisition and control with focus on rail passenger transport.

More than 20 transport companies rely on products made by INTERAUTOMATION and to date more than 2,000 vehicles of different types and configurations have been equipped with hardware components and software applications by INTERAUTOMATION. Additionally our solution provides high flexibility in connecting vehicles without being equipped with hardware from INTERAUTOMATION to the background system. Therefor we realised several interfaces to vehicles from, for example Bombardier, Siemens and Stadler. The portfolio is completed by the interface to the system of the company of GSP.

Our product portfolio offers a wide range of innovative solutions, amongst others
  • Automated Passenger Counting (APC), Online Occupation Detection and Video Analytics
  • Travel Time Analyses and Monitoring (AVM) in InLineWeb
  • Real-Time-Passenger Information (RTPI) and Infotainment
  • Performance Evaluation and Contract Controlling
To complement our system portfolio we provide, developed together with our partner INAVET, a Driver Assistance System (smarttrains.DAS) for supporting energy optimised operation.

Our principle: all applications – one platform
Our hard- and software solutions for trains are completed by matching modules of the background system InLineWeb and can either be used as a complete solution from one hand or being integrated in already existing systems.

The vehicle systems from INTERAUTOMATION especially benefit from their modularity and expandability. Most of the described solutions can be realized by using a classical setup consisting of
  • Central Onboard Unit (CCU),
  • Sensorhub and data storage device for video data from APC-Sensors (SSU),
  • Modem with GPS included (GGM).
For the more sophisticated “Video Analytics”
  • the new, more powerful Onboard Unit (DLU)
will be used in the future instead of the CCU. In addition to I/O interfaces for connecting vehicle signals, GBit-Ethernet and USB 2 and USB 3 interfaces, it also has a powerful processor for AI applications.

Within the framework of our partnerships in the field of science and research, we work on innovative solutions. Results from these cooperations, such as real-time algorithms, are implemented in our systems.

One such highlight is our product Video Analytics. This application enables, based on evaluation of several matched video streams from cameras of an area (i.e. station platform, passenger cabin) analytics of occupation and passenger flow in real-time. These information is provided to OCC nearly in real-time to manage occupation and overload at monitored locations.

The background system InLineWeb functions as a central data hub and enables efficient management in live operation. For this purpose, both diverse, standardised import and export interfaces (e.g. railML, VDV) and the online connection of external data servers (e.g. DB Netz – infrastructure operator, EFZ – European Timetable Center, VDV interfacing for connection and transfer information) and vehicle systems for permanent data exchange have been implemented. The system provides a wide range of editing and visualisation using WEB-interfaces at operations control centre (OCC) but also as mobile application for crew in the field.

INTERAUTOMATION is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.